What is a wireless mini security camera

There are many reasons why people consider to have their own monitoring system, especially in 2020 whereby there are higher numbers of riots and thieves around the world as a result of high unemployment rates. But the PROBLEM is: security camera installation can be daunting for people like me who are a complete green hand in this field.  Mini security camera, as a new concept of surveillance, can provide both top-notch monitoring capabilities and a good level of concealment. You can even mix and match to build your very own security system without any prior knowledge: All you must do is charge it, place it, and then the place you call home is well secured.  There are quite a few different new features being integrated into mini cam nowadays include solar powered security camera, spy camera with audio, wifi hidden camera and more. With these fancy functionalities, home security cameras should be able to assist you in the following four application scenarios in better ways.

FOUR major monitoring scenarios for mini security cameras

1.  Monitor your kids

Keeping your children safe is every parent’s top priority, and a mini spy camera can help you do this easily and effectively. Thanks to its great flexible design and easy-to-set-up feature, you can place your camera in a strategic position in just a few seconds. The smart motion detector alerts adults whenever your kids are in a dangerous situation, and no false alarm will be triggered by non-human moving objects like curtains.

2. Prevent home invasion

One of the major functions that home security camera has is to help you identify who is at your front door and those who want to break into your home. Place the spy cam in multiple positions to test out the most effective places and angles for monitoring your property.

3. Fight crimes and provide solid evidence

When a crime is already committed, the video footage can always be used as solid evidence. Thus, a good hidden camera should be able to see through the darkness and save footage to the cloud in case the built-in SD card is destroyed.

4. Secure your belongings on road trips

When you go on a road trip by car or motorcycle, one of the things that is always a concern is if your belongings are going to be safe, and people lose that security when they are not at home. A mini security camera can help you see what is going on in your car, for example whilst you are asleep.

Is it truly a viable product on the market right now, or is it just a dream?

The short answer is YES! In 2020, a lot of breakthrough technologies have been achieved by top tier security camera producers so that the final products we are looking for have had big updates. Noticeable changes include human motion detection, cloud recording and home automation. However, there are a lot of sellers who sell counterfeit products while claiming the products do have the previously mentioned features. As consumers, we should set the bar high when purchasing hidden cameras for security purposes as product quality is a huge factor to determine your cameras’ performance. Do our own research, check retailers’ websites, read customers’ reviews and finally pick the best-suited device for your needs.


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