Use Email Box as Free Cloud Storage for Alarm Images

During use of security camera or mini spy camera, One major concern is about how to get and how to secure the captured evidence. For example, there are challenges like camera will be damaged or taken away by other persons,  SD card damaged or taken away etc.  If these things happen, the evidence will be gone together with camera or SD card.

In the market, Cloud Recording is a good solution to secure recorded videos, but Cloud Recording costs monthly service fee. 
Is there any other cheaper or free way to do this?
Here we will introduce a Free Way to use a free Email box as cloud storage to secure alarm image captures.
This Free way uses the Alarm Email feature  of WIWACAM mini spy camera, and a Free Email Box.

Here we start.

First: Register a Outlook Free Email and Enable settings

We will register an Email box for camera use, instead of using an existing email account.  This way is much more secure than using your current Email.
If you want get Alarm captures in your Email box as well, it is possible too, just set the new reigstered Outlook Email auto forward all alarm emails to your Email box, so you can still get the alarm captures in your Email in nearly realtime.

Why we choose Outlook Free Mail, it is because of these points:
– Outlook requires quite few information to register a new email. The registration is much more easily and quickly than other Email box. 
– Outlook provides very good support to SMTP Email Client. Camera as SMTP Email Client to send out alarm email and alarm images.  For other Email providers such as Gmail,  the settings to enable SMTP Email client is very complex. 
– WIWACAM app provides built-in settings support for Outlook Email, no complex settings will be invovled.

Here are the detailed steps: 
1. Go to to register a new Email box, keep using the, and remember the Email account name and Email password. (Outlook Email registration steps not shown here)
Note: please keep the length of email address less than 32 characters(including the Camera only suppport maximum 31 characters for the Alarm Email address.

2. Once registration done, in the new Outlook Email, click the settings button in top right corner.

3. In the settings tab, input SMTP and click the POP and SMTP shown up.

4.In the pop up window, Change ‘Let devics and apps use POP‘ to ‘yes‘, then click Save button.


Now outlook Email settings are done.
We will now go to the camera side to use this email.

Second: provide Email info to Camera

Please make sure the camera has been setup to connect to WiFi already. (camera has connected to your WiFi and camera has been added to WIWACAM app).

Now you can go to WIWACAM app -> Alarm Settings -> Alarm Email
  1. Select
  2. Enter the full email address in the email field (including the
  3. Enter the email password.
  4. Click OK and then click ‘Send Test e-mail‘.

If you see Test Successfully, it is OK now..
You could go to Outlook Email box, check the test email is in the Email box.
Now Alarm Email has been set OK to the camera. 

Please note:  Camera will send alarm Email when the camera alarm is ON, i.e, Alarm is ON and Motion Detection is ON for the camera. Once motion deteced, the camera will send alarm email with 3 snapshots to the email box. These snapshots will be stored in the Email box, nobody could touch them.

Third: Set Auto Forward Email to your own Email

We could set Outlook Email to auto forward each Alarm emails to your own Email box (the most used Email address).
Go to Outlook Email box again, in the top right corner, click the settings button –> input forward in search field, click Forwarding.

In the pop up window, click the ‘Enable forwarding‘ option, input your most used Email address, and you could enable the option of ‘Keep a copy‘ option. 

Now all done.
Your most used Email will receive the alarm alert by Email. The camera Email box could have a copy too. So the Alarm image captures are secure saved in the Email box. 
Important Note:  The Forward settings may take effect after Outlook completes some verification (to prevent sending SPAM). If Forward not working, keep waiting for the verification email coming to the Outlook Email box, and complete the verification.


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