WIWA MW7 – Desktop Mini Camera


【HD live stream from anywhere】 The network camera provides HD live streaming, allowing you to have a live view of your home or office from anywhere with your mobile device.
【Night vision】 function. When the light is dim, it can be clearer with 9 infrared LEDs.
【Activity alerts】 The motion detection function sends notifications to your phone via email or software.
【Built-in 2600mAh battery】Which is sufficient for 7 hours of operation under normal circumstances. So in case of unexpected power supply failure, you can rely on the camera to keep working.
【ONVIF and RTSP Support】Wiwacam cameras support ONVIF and RTSP, can be integrated with third-party apps like Synology NAS, QNAP NAS, ONVIF-NVR and BlueIris, as well as open-source software like iSpy and VLC.

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When lighting conditions require, the IR LEDs are automatically turned on to provide additional illumination (the IR LEDs can be enabled and disabled via the app). The IR LEDs are power saving and invisible to the human eye.

The desktop clock with motion detection sends messages via email or as a push notification directly to the smartphone when motion is detected. The sensitivity of the motion detection can be set via the app (level 1-5).

If you need even more accurate alarm detection, you can enable person detection (optional feature). With the help of person detection, the camera can intelligently distinguish between people and objects and ignore movements such as those of pets, curtains, plants, etc.

Cloud storage (optional feature), requires a micro SD card (not included).
The camera will automatically save videos to the SD card every 30 minutes. When there is no more free capacity on the memory card, it will automatically overwrite the oldest video file. So you don’t need to format the card or take it out and plug it into the PC to back up the files – all that can be done through the app.

Share access
A camera can be used by up to 20 users, and by up to 5 terminals at the same time. So, the live video can be streamed to up to 5 smartphones/tablets at the same time. In order for additional users to gain access, all they need from you is the ID of the camera and the camera password you assigned (both of which can be viewed under “Camera Editor”), this can be used to manually add the camera so that you and your friends and family can watch at the same time.



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