RTSP Quick Guide


WIWACAM cameras provides support to RTSP protocol.
These RTSP URLs are supported to access the video in SD and HD:

HD/Ultra HD video stream: rtsp://camera_local_ipaddress:554/stream=0
(please note if your WIWACAM camera model offers Ultra HD resolution, the video codec is H.265 for the Ultra HD video streaminstead of H.264. Some RTSP devices such as Synology NAS may rely on yourself to set the video codec correctly. If video codec is not set correctly, the RTSP device may not be able to show the video)

SD video stream: rtsp://camera_local_ipadress:554/stream=1

Please replace camera_local_ipaddress in the URL by the actual Local IP Address of the camera.
You can find the Local IP address of the camera in the app. Click “Settings” of the corresponding camera and then click “Camera Info”. You can find the local IP address in the pop up message.

●Not Support ONVIF 

Please note there is no commited ONVIF support. Only support RTSP.
If you are connecting camera to Synology NAS, BlueIris or iSpy, please note only RTSP could work. ONVIF is not committed. (so ONVIF-specific features like changing camera settings or camera reports are not supported.)

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