MW6 Setup Quick Guide (Smart Scan)

You can watch this video tutorial from this link on your PC/phone web browser:

 Try the Second Setup Way if the Scan Code does NOT work for you. Check this link:

Note: If you encounter any problems during setup, here is the FAQ and solution:

Note: The camera can also be operated without WLAN for a while or permanently. More details can be found here:

Image Quick Guide


If the Scan Code does NOT work for you, try the Second Setup Way. Check this link:

FAQ: Camera is not added to the list after successful scan, how can I fix this?

Please follow the steps below,

Make sure that the camera is turned on and see the status LED of the camera is Solid Blue.
(Solid Blue means the camera has connected to home WiFi).

2. start the WIWACAM app. Click the “+” button in the upper right corner and select “manual”.

3. the app asks for the camera ID, the camera ID is on the label of the camera body, it is like R001234.
Then the app will ask for the name of the camera and the camera password (the default camera password is 123). Enter these two data.

4. the camera should be found and added.