MW3N Quick Guide and FAQ

This guide and faq will be updated regularly to include latest information and help.
You could check here first if you have any questions.

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Recent FAQ

If you feel like the video is frozen/lagged, or app is not smooth to operate the camera, 
it could be the camera unit in your hand have a Weak WiFi problem.
Just bring the camera to about 9feet away from the camera, then try to access the live video again. If the video is not good,  just contact us to support. 
Click here to get support or send Email to

Night Vision Mode (Black/White Image):
When the camera is in Night Mode, it records and shows videos in Black/White. Sometimes Night Mode might stick around even when it’s not dark. This could happen if there was recent frequent switchings, like if something blocked the camera lens and was removed, especially easily to happen when placing the camera in one spot.

To stop the constant switching, the camera stays in night mode for 30 minutes. After that, it switches back to normal (auto night vision depending on light condition).
If you want the camera to quickly get out of the force night mode mode,  just power off then power on the camera.

We’ve also released new firmware that lets you turn off night vision in the app. If you want this feature, just contact us and mention ‘turn off night vision’.

If you have any questions about night vision, feel free to reach out to us.

It is normal for the camera body to get hot when the camera is running.
The camera has a video chipset and a WiFi chipset in it. When these chipsets are in operation, they generate heat. The heat is dispersed through the plastic surface. For this reason, we feel heat when we touch the camera. This is normal, the temperature is controlled.The battery is in another small box that is not affected by the heat.

The surface material is heat resistant up to 248°F(120°C), so it is safe. In addition, the material used is flame retardant.

Usually, with a 10,000mAh mobile power bank, it can keep the camera running and recording for 24 hours.

For 20,000mAh mobile power bank, it could support camera working & recording for 48hours.

(Please note, turning off the recording won’t significantly extend the working hours.)

Please check the status LED of the camera first.
We can see the status of the camera from the status LED.

1. no light on(or see only green light)
The camera has no power. Check that the camera is connected to the power, e.g. to a USB adapter.
Press the ON/OFF button for 3 to 5 seconds to turn on the camera.

2. Solid Red
Red means that the WiFi network cannot be reached or the WiFi signal is too weak. Move the camera closer to the WiFi router.

3. Flashing Red
Flashing red
means that the WiFi password is incorrect.
In this case, you need to reset the camera and set it up again with the correct WiFi information.

You can learn how to reset the camera by following this link:
You can find how to set up the camera again in this video tutorial:

4. Flashing Red and Blue
Red and blue flashing means that the camera is still in factory default, or the camera has been reset to Factory setting. The camera is waiting for the user to set up the camera.
Please watch this video tutorial to fully set up the camera:

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Prerequisite: the camera was already set up, the LED was solid blue, and it was possible to view the camera’s live video and open the settings via the app.

Error pattern: Later – after a few hours, days or weeks – the camera is no longer accessible via the app, it is displayed as “offline” in the preview image or an error message such as “Target ID is offline” appears immediately.

After the first start-up, the camera is connected to your WLAN router. It has saved the name and password to your WLAN and can dial in.

However, the camera must be within this WLAN, which is known to the camera, and the signal strength at the location must not be too weak.

So if you take the camera to friends later, for example, it has no connection here, then it would be normal that it is not accessible. Here you would have to factory reset it, delete it from the app and set it up again, i.e. connect it to this WLAN router.

If your ready camera is not reachable, but actually not too far from your WLAN router, please pay attention to how now the camera’s status LED is on or blinking and contact us.

As an immediate help, you can also try if it helps to restart the camera, i.e. turn it off and on again.

If it goes offline serveral times a day, or once in few days, please contact our support for support.  Just click the link here to contact us, or send email to our support email

Please click here
to provide us with more details about the crash.
We will fix the crash as soon as possible. We consider app crashes a top priority task. Normally, we can provide a trial version in just a few days as a quick solution. The fix will then be included in the next official version of the app. We thank you for your support.