MW1 Pro Setup Quick Start Guide (AP Mode)

Important note:
Before you start the setup, disable the phone's mobile data first.
This helps to make the setup faster and smoother.
(You can re-enable mobile data after the setup is complete).

You can watch this video tutorial from this link on your PC/phone web browser:

IMPORTANT: The camera supports two setup methods. If the camera does not work via the above described procedure
can be set up, please try the second way, here is the link to the video tutorial:

IMPORTANT:If you encounter any problems during setup, here is the troubleshooting and solution:

IMPORTANT: In order to monitor e.g. a car or an allotment garden, the camera can also be operated without WLAN for a while or permanently. Information can be found here:

Procedure in video:

– Turn on the camera and wait until the LED flashes red and blue alternately.

– Launch WIWACAM app, tap “+” on the top right, select MW1 Pro, tap “other option” on the top right to select AP mode.
Follow the instructions in the app

– The app will prompt you to connect your smartphone to the camera’s Wi-Fi.
Go to the smartphone’s WLAN settings and connect it to the camera’s WLAN (starts with “WIR-“).

– The app will find the camera. After that, it will ask you to set a name and a secure password for the camera.

– Select your WLAN to which you want to connect the camera and enter the WLAN password (network key).
Wait a few minutes, the setup is complete.

– Done