Live Streaming to YouTube using WIWA CAM camera + OBS

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use WIWA CAM mini cameras and OBS software to live stream to YouTube. You can live streaming your bird box live video, or your Hedgehog House live video to youtube. 

WIWA CAM is a mini camera that focuses on delivering high-quality video with advanced technology. Each WIWA CAM comes with built-in RTSP support, which allows for greater flexibility and enables more opportunities to develop custom solutions.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source software designed for video recording and live streaming.

By combining these two tools, you can create high-quality live streams on YouTube for your audience.

Let’s get started!

Preparision Before Start

before start, we need these works are completed and ready, 
A. Your WIWACAM camera is connected to your home WiFi and added to your phone. You can view live video of the camera on your phone.

B. You have a Youtube account, and it is no problem to start Youtube Broadcast in Youtube

   You could have a test as below,
   1. open on PC or MAC by web browser

   2. click the  button in the top right corner > click ‘Go live‘.   Youtube may ask you to login.

   3. You will see the Youtube Studio as below, Youtube is ready for accepting incoming live streaming. 

C. You have a PC or MAC connected to your home network and get OBS installed in your PC or MAC.
   If OBS not installed yet, OBS could be download and installed from its official site:
   Download and run the installation package. The installation is very staright forward, just follow the installation wizard.

   Once the installation is completed, the OBS may ask you to setup which site to streaming to. You could click CANCEL button, we could do it later.

Now all preparision A, B, C are done. We will move to next step to start streaming.

Second: Connect WIWACAM camera to OBS

1. run OBS on PC (here we will use OBS on PC as example).
2. In the left bottom, find Scenes  -> click ‘+’ to add a new scene, name it like ‘WIWA to Youtube’.

3. Select the scene just added, find the Sources in the right side > click the ‘+‘ button in Sources

– Select Media Source from the popup list , 
– name the source, like ‘WIWACAM

– In the popup window,  unselect the ‘Local File
– You will see the input, put this rtsp url into it,  rtsp://your_cam_ip:554/stream=0   
   Here replace your_cam_ip to the real local ip of your camera.
   TIPS: How to quick find the local ip of the camera: open WIWACAM app on phone -> ‘My Camera‘ page, wait and confirm the camera is as ONLINE -> click settings of the camera -> click ‘Camera Info‘, in the popup window, you see see the Local IP of the camera
– (Continue in this OBS settings window) select ‘Use hardware decoding when available‘ to help better streaming
– click OK button of this setting window.  

5. Now you should see the OBS is showing the camera live video. Like below,

Final Step: Connect OBS to Youtube Live Streaming

1. Still in OBS software window, find the Controls in the right side, click the Start Streming button

2. (If you have done Youtube before, the OBS will start streming directly using your previous streaming settings. Here we start from first time streaming.)
    After clicking Start Streaming , OBS will ask for streaming settings:
    – make sure Stream is selected in left side, 
    – select ‘YouTube – RTMPS‘ in Service,  click ‘Use Stream Key(advanced)

    – Now we need to go to Youtube to get the key.
      Open on your PC,  click the  button in the top right corner > click ‘Go live‘  >  find in STREAM SETTINGS, you will see the Stream key and the COPY button , click the COPY button > remember to click the lock icon in the URLs below to enable encryption (OBS by default requires streaming encryption) > Keep this youtube page open, we will use it soon