Introducing WIWACAM and new model MW9

WIWACAM - Powered by HiKam


Why We Start WIWACAM
HiKam is focusing on Secure Camera for home,
while we see some video products in other areas are with poor hardware quality, with poor software and poor support in Germany/EU,
such as all the MINI Kameras in the market.
We believe technology by HiKam could greatly improve MINI Kameras and set new product benchmark. And we get some new ideas to re-sharp the mini kamera products. For example, bringing AI Human Detection to mini cameras,  bringing Web Broadcast (to Youtube etc) features into mini cameras which will be good for viewing how birds acts in their nest…
WIWACAM, as a brand by HiKam, will be focus on Mini Kameras and some interesting mini video gadagets.
This aslo helps HiKam. We consider reliablely running is the key of HiKam. With trying risky new technologies and ideas in some acceptable products first,  this could help getting proofed new technologies back to evovle HiKam products, so HiKam products will evovle faster than ever.

WIWACAM: Build Fine Mini Kamera

1st Model of WIWACAM - MW9
the Distributed LENS of MINI Kamera​

MW9 mini hidden spy camera

Small Size contains great features:

As Small AS 1 EURO coin

The size of LENS is as small as one EURO coin.

This provides a lot of possibilites about how and where to place it, such as close to books in a book shelf, or attached to a wall facing rear door, or stick to the roof of bird or other pet’s ‘house’.

Good Quality Image, Remote View

In a small LENS body, it still includes great optics: 1080P, 130° wide view.
Our algorithm technology has resovled the red tone issue that 95% of mini kameras are with, brings clear good quality image.
Also 95% of mini kameras in the market does not support remote viewing. As powered by HiKam, after connecting camera to home WiFi, you can easily view Live video remotely, and get alarm notifications on your phone.

Built-in Battery, Immune to power lost/cut in house/shop

Even the robber/intruder cut off shop/home electricity, the camera continues to work to capture evidence. Many other security cameras will stop work in case of power lost.
There are three power options to use the MW9 camera:
Built-in Battery: 800mah, for two hours working
Powerbank:10.000amh for 24hours working
Power Adapter: for 24/7 continous working

World’s first mini camera with AI Human Detection

Mini Kamera goes smart.
Finally we have put into AI Human Detection into the small size gadagets. False alarms like pet moving, curtain moving will be filtered. You only get alarm notifications you want.

As well as including features to make mini cameras as a modern useful camera,

Regarding with Support, HiKam Team will provide all the support for WIWACAM products, same level support as HiKam products.


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