How to Reduce False Alarms/False Positives

Most of false alarms are caused by unexpected motions, such as tree/grass swing, pet(dog/cat), or curtains.

WIWACAM cameras provide Human Detection and Motion Zones features to filter false alarms.

Here is the guide of best practise about how to leverage these features to provide reliable alarms for you:

Best Practise and SuggestionsComments

If you only care about alerts for human or person like burglars, ONLY Enable Human Detection, NOT enable Motion Detection.

The models currently support Human Detection:

By using Human Detection, the camera will filter the alarms triggered by tree/grass swing, pet(dog/cat), or curtains.

Human Detection works independently with Motion Detection.
With Motion Detectin Off, the Human Detection still works.

If you enable Human Detection and Motion Detection at the same time, you will still have false alarms triggerred by Motion Detection.

After enable Human Detection, add one or more Motion Zones to the Human Detection.
This could help reduce the false alarm in advance, and aslo it will help the Human Detection more quickly and accurately.

The camera will ignore the motions out of the Motion Zones.

To setup Motion Zone for Human Detection, go to WIWACAM app > ‘My Camera’ page, click settings of the camera > Alarm Settings > Human Detection > Set Motion Zone

If you want to use Motion Detection, add Motion Zones to the camera at the same time.

Especially if you are using Motion Detection on outdoor cameras, make sure Motion Zones are added.
If no Motion Zones added, you may get alarms every minutes.

That is because Motion Detection are only image pixel comparision based, the complex outdoor scene gets pixel changes every second which causes alarms every second!

To setup Motion Zone for Motion Detection, go to WIWACAM app > ‘My Camera’ page, click settings of the camera > Alarm Settings > Motion Detection > Set Motion Zone

Some best practises for better leveraging the Motion Zones,

– Just put zones on important area you care about.
  Avoid the frequently moving objects always there in the view, such as trees, grass, flying flags, or motions in the street far away etc

– Set Motion Zones to proper size.
Too large Motion Zones which cover unnecessary areas may invovle trees, grass etc and increase false alarms. Instead, small size Motion Zones which only cover the important area can produce accurate alarms

– Support adding up to 3 Motion Zones.
  Overlap of zones is OK for the camera.

If you still have false alarms after Motion Zones setup, have a try to reduce the Motion Zones.

The Motion Zone is smart, it is designed as smart trap. When only the foot or leg or head of the burglar gets into the zone, the Motion Zone know how to auto extend size to capture the whole person body,  and trigger alarm.

So you don’t need to worry about set the zone size quite big to capture more information. Instead, that may introduce more false alarms. Proper size of Motion Zones works better than unnecessary large zones.

If you still have many false alarms after checking with the guide,  just send email to, our professional and friendly support will help.