Exclusive Hidden Camera Models with cutting edge hardware and features.

Help you to find the camera matching your needs

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★ Alarm Clock WiFi Hidden Camera
★ Mobile Powerbank WiFi Hidden Camera

1. Tiny Lens Camera

Tiny Lens Camers are easy to place anywhere in the room, or use as a peephole camera on a door.

MW5: with night vision

MW5L: smallest lens, comes with cloth button bag

2. USB Charger Camera

USB Charger camera appears like a regular USB charger in a power outlet, with a hidden lens that’s hard to notice.

MW6: charger

MW11: power strip

3. Alarm Clock Camera

camera is hidden inside the alarm clock. The Alarm Clock Camera has powerful night vision capabilities.

MW7 Pro: with strong night vision

4. Mobile Power Bank Hidden Camera

A camera is hidden inside the mobile powerbank. The camera can record for up to 10 hours using the charger’s battery and has night vision capability.

MW8: 2-in-1, Mobile Power bank with WiFi Hidden Camera

5. U-Disk Size Camera

Slim as a U-Disk, this camera offers great night vision and can be discreetly placed in any room.

MW3N-Pro: with night vision , (no battery)

6. Bird Box Camera

A tiny camera made for bird boxes and birdhouses. Lets you watch live video from the bird box on your phone. Works with many types of bird boxes and is simple to set up.

MW3N-Pro: with night vision