Alarm main switch: turn alarm on, turn alarm off

This switch allows you to turn the entire alarm on and off. The other alarm settings remain unchanged.


Alarm switched on:


Alarm turned off:


The alarm state cannot be called up here. 

This can mean that e.g. the camera is offline, the camera password is wrong or the camera state is not updated yet (please wait 3-5 seconds and then try again to connect to the camera)

If you have set one or more alarm schedules , please set the main alarm switch manually only if you want to deviate from the schedule.

If an alarm schedule has been set, for example, from 9 am to 3 pm, the main alarm switch will automatically turn ON at 9 am and OFF at 3 pm. 

If the switch is manually turned off after 9 am, this will disable the alarm schedule for that day.


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