Alarm Email Settings for WIWACAM WiFi Mini Cameras

WIWACAM WiFi Mini Cameras supports sending alarm emails , by from the user’s own email. In this way, the data only goes thru via user’s own email account, so it is private and secured.

Some email providers require certain permissions to allow a device like a surveillance camera to use the user’s email account for sending.

Here you can find instructions for configuration with different email providers, we will add and update them regularly.

We recommend to register a new Email account in just for the camera. This is the fastest and simplest solution.
You could still receive alarm email in your favourate email box. support auto email forward, to forward all the Alarm Email to your email box in real time.

Using Gmail is only recommended to users with experienced IT knowledge. It is because Gmail has very strict restrictions on using it as SMTP server. Email (Most Recommended, easy and secure)

If you don’t use Outlook email, we recommend that you create an Outlook email box specifically for the camera. This will make things easier and protect your privacy.
Usually the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.
You could still use your favourate email box to receive the Alarm Email. Just use the Email-Auto-Forward function in Outlook Email box, to auto forward the Alarm Emails to your favourate email box automatically. 

1. Go to, register an email box if you want to use a new one. (Registration is very simple and fast, for example, much easier than Gmail).

2. log in to Outlook and click the Settings button in the upper right corner.

3. Type SMTP in the search box and click the “POP and IMAP” shown below.

4. enable the options as below and click the “Save” button.

5. now you can go to WIWACAM app -> Alarm Email  settings page.
  a. Select
  b. Enter the full email address in the email field.
  c. Enter the email password.
  d. Click OK and then click Test.

6. When you see that the test passed, go to the Outlook email box to view the email.


By default, Gmail only allows sending from the Gmail web client or from the latest Outlook versions. In order for the camera to send via Gmail, certain permissions must be enabled.

Here we describe the full solution, as also recommended by Google. Here, a special password is generated, which the surveillance camera camera can then use to send emails.

We recommend this full solution, but you can try the quick one. If it doesn’t work this way because of security settings on Google’s side, you would then have to choose the full solution.

Here are the steps for the full solution:

1. log in to your Google account and enable two-step confirmation.

Note : If confirmation in two steps is already enabled, go to the next step.

How to activate the confirmation in two steps?

a. Open your Google account with your credentials

b. Select Security from the menu on the left.

c. Under Sign in to Google > Two-step confirmation, select the button on the right and proceed according to the instructions.

2. Now you need to create an app password that will only be valid for sending emails through the camera. Please click here to go to the page where you can generate an app password.

Under “Select App”, please select “Email” from the drop-down menu. 
Under “Select Device”, please select “Other (Custom Name” > name it e.g. as “Camera” or as you like. 
Then click Generate at the bottom right.


3. When the app password has been generated, please write it down carefully. 

4. now go to the WIWACAM app and check the alarm email settings: WIWACAM app > Settings (of the camera) > Alarm Settings > Alarm Email Address, then.
Select the email provider:
Email account: Your full email address, e.g.
Email password: The app password you just generated.
Click OK. If this step was successful, click Send Test Email.

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