For the WIWA team, most of engineers have more than 10 years experience in video surveillance industry. The team does all the job in-house, from product Research&Development to manufacturing by own facotry.

From 2016, we start to focus on 100% true wireless based video security solution, including WiFi-based and then 4G-based. We have done quite some innovations which are first introduced in the industry.

All the products are manufactured in our own factory, this ensures the high level hardware quality. We are pround of it.

Unlike many other surveillance companies who only focus on hardware, we put software quality as very high priority. We have built a sophisticated software Quality Assurance Team to make sure the software quality. We also have security expert in team to cover software security and network security. We understand software reliability and security is more and more important for our users.

All of these above are targeted to provide innovative, high quality 100% Wireless Security Products to our customers. And this is our mission.