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Yes. There is mic in MW3 camera. The mic is built in camera body.

It is normal the camera body is hot when camera running.
The camera has video chipst, WiFi chipset in it. When these chipsets are running, they will generate heat. The heat will be dispersed by the plastic surface. That is why we will feel heat if touching the camera. This is normal, the temperature will be controlled. 

And the camera has been tested with high temperatue testing, it could work with environment temperature 55℃ or less.

First please have a check what is like about the status LED on the camera.
From the status LED, we can tell what is the status of the camera.
MW3 Status LED

1. No light up
The camera has no power. Please check camera is connected to power, including power adapter, or mobile bank, or power back.
And check if the power button on the MW3 is set to ON.

2. Solid Red
Solid red means not reachable to WiFi network or WiFi signal too weak. Move the camera closer to the WiFi router.

3. Flashing Red
Flashing Red means WiFi password wrong. 
In this case, you need to reset the camera, setup the camera again with correct WiFi information.

About how to reset camera, please check this link:  
About how to setup camera again, please check this video guide:

4. Flashing Red and Blue
Flahsing Red and Blue means the camera is still in factory default, or the camera has been reset to , or the camera has been reset to factory default. The camera is waiting for camera setup by user.
Please check this video guide to complete camera setup:

The camera can also record without WiFi and Internet.
Please make sure the following,
-Update the camera firmware first. (to 1.1.9 or higher).
– Add the camera to the app and set Continuous recording to ON. 
– Now you can turn the camera off and on as needed. The camera will start recording as soon as it is turned on. Regardless of the availability of WiFi or Internet.

The MW3 camera support three types of power source. One of them is small battery pack. 
For details, please check the following.

1. Power Adapter
MW3 support standard USB power adapter. 

2.Mobile Power Bank
MW3 support mobile power bank connect to usb interface to provide power.
10,000 mAh mobile power bank could support MW3 to record 24hours. (exact working time depends on mobile power bank model and efficiency.)

3. Battery Pack
MW3 has the battery pack connector on it.  It support 3.7V battery pack. 
The battery pack with 3.7V, 2-PIN connector could be found on Amazon, with different battery capacity, from 100mAh , 800mAh to 2000mAh.
The bigger capacity, the bigger size of the battery pack: 
a 500mAh battery pack for 3 hours of recording,
a 1800 mAh battery pack is sufficient for 7 hours of recording time,
a 5000mAh battery pack is sufficient for 25 hours of recording time.

You can select and use the batteries according to your needs.
500mAh or 800mAh could be a balance of size and capacity.

We will update this later after we complete testing towards battery pack bought on